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Abstract Artist

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About Me

My Background

I grew up on Chicago's Northside and spent a great deal of time with both of my grandparents. My grandfather was a professional artist and designer so I spent most of my free time going back and forth between his studio and the Art Institute of Chicago. At the age of 3 he had me working with oil paints, helping with framing and priming canvases at his studio while hanging out with his artist friends. Aside from that I was also spending time with my grandmother who was both an interior designer and ceramicist, so I was also hanging out at the Merchandise Mart from before I could remember. That could be a lot for a young kid to deal with, but I loved every second of it. And when I wasn't fully emerged in the Art and Design world I was at our summer home in lake Geneva, Wisconsin hanging out on the boat or riding horses.  

As I grew older, this love and obsession with the art and design world never faded and eventually I went to college to study art. I never had any desire to get a degree, in fact I wanted to be a radio broadcaster when I graduated from high school, so took your basic classes at Wright College and was planning on moving forward with studying Radio Broadcasting at Columbia College. For no apparent reason I changed my mind suddenly (which to this day I do live with slight regret. lol) and transferred to Northwestern University for a year, taking chemistry and art history classes. I then moved on to Columbia College Chicago for more art history, photography, 2D and 3D design classes, then several years after taking every art and design class that I was interested in at Columbia I decided to honor my late grandfather's wishes and attended The Art Institute of Chicago which was instrumental in shaping me into the disciplined studio artist that I am today. 

I have been in several group and solo shows for my photography, painting and graffiti since 1994 throughout the country. (Alaska, Alabama, Wisconsin, Illinois, New York, Florida and California to name a few states that I have showcased my work.)

I currently live in Marina Del Rey California with my son and 3 fur babies. I am the founder and co-owner with my ex husband of one of Los Angeles's highly respected Flooring and Design Studios located in Culver City and have my art studio located on the Venice/Mar Vista boarder in West Los Angeles. 

I also have a background in Metaphysics and make jewelry with natural crystals that are cleansed and charged to help you reach your goals. (check out my links for more information on all this lovely stuff)

In my free time I can be found hanging out with my tribe at the beach or Disneyland. If I am not in my studio, I love to hike, take random road trips around the United States, and spend a great deal of time on the Colorado River and visiting my mom in Rancho Mirage hanging out on a lazy river with my family.  So nature and relaxation play a HUGE part in everything I do. 

My Medium

I specialize in abstract art and modern art use many different mediums, such as fiber, oils, encaustics, spray paint, watercolors, clay, acrylics, and pastels. I believe that working in a single medium is too restrictive to my artistic process. Each idea manifests in its own individual style. My favorite medium is oil painting.

My Inspiration

I enjoy spending time in the great outdoors. Whether I am visiting family in Africa, taking random road trips, hanging out at the beach or on the Colorado River with my tribe, many of my pieces are directly influenced by these experiences in nature. 


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